About LiC

I’ve always enjoyed everything about Italy. The sunshine, the scenery, the sea, the people and the food.

When we were locked down due to COVID, I was due to be going to Venice to take part in the Venice Night Race, not to mention a number of other trips scheduled for later in the year. Home alone, I started to realise over the first weeks that in order to get through this unusual time I had to treat it as a big adventure and throw myself into occupying myself. If I couldn’t leave home, then Italy would have to come to me.

Over the subsequent weeks and months I threw myself into all things Italian. I started online language classes. I listened to Italian radio and watched Italian TV and films to help my learning… and I started cooking. All the time and almost exclusively Italian food. It made the world a bit more bearable and I found libertà in cucina – freedom in the kitchen.

This site is the result of those weeks. I aim to share some good recipes, talk about food, cookbooks and travel from and about the bel paese.