Bigoli in Salsa… thank you Guardian Food

I was in the office again today and having left later than planned I knew I was going to need something quick and comforting for dinner (the weather in London has taken a surprisingly autumnal turn the last few days).

A friend had sent me a link to a Guardian article “Italy in a bowl: 10 simple, delicious summer pasta recipes – chosen by chefs”. I perused… and there it was – Bigoli in Salsa. Basically a special kind of spaghetti with onion and anchovy. While I didn’t have any bigoli, some bucatini might work and I definitely had anchovies and onions!

Simple, huh?

The onions are cooked for around 25 minutes on a low heat until they soften and begin to dissolve. Then you add the anchovies and let them melt into the sauce. A slug of wine and let it cook away while you cook the pasta. Pop a spoonful or two of the cooking water into the pan and add the cooked and drained pasta.

This is possibly the best thing I’ve put in my mouth today – and I had a chocolate croissant this morning!

The recipe, and 9 other gorgeous looking dishes can be found here:

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