Bucatini with Pizzaiola Sauce – avanzi time

You don’t get lunches like this in the work canteen

As predicted, with a tub full of pizzaiola sauce left over from dinner last night, I was really looking forward to lunch today! Avanzi (or leftovers) are always a good thing.

I opened a pack of bucatini I bought from Lina Stores a few weeks ago (I love an unusual pasta). If you don’t know what bucatini is, it’s a thick spaghetti with a hole through the centre.

Excuse my fat toddler hands

I cooked up the pasta and strained, saving some of the water to let down the sauce. Two generous spoonfuls in the pan to warm through, along with a handful of dried black olives (for no other reason than I got to use my de-stoning tool that I got yesterday). A spoonful of the pasta water into the sauce along with the pasta and we were ready to go.

New toy!

I love the big flavours in this sauce and I suspect that I will be taking a version of this for lunch when we finally return to the office.

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