I remain available to be the cheery peasant girl face of your food brand

As lockdown took hold, I was grateful that I had some outside space. My balcony is a nice space but it had fallen into disrepair over the winter. With plenty of time on my hands I cleared it and planted flowers and vegetables.

I’ve never had much success with veg. But being home all the time to water, weed and generally look after plants I managed to grow (and eventually eat) herbs, wild fennel, spring onions, green beans, peas… oh, and tomatoes.

My toms have come from ready grown potted plants, plugs and from seed. I tried to space them out so I would have a constant crop throughout the summer. Even so, the last spell of hot weather has caused something a flourishing and I am now drowning in tomatoes.

The last week has been #tomatoeswitheverything and I will share some of the things I have cooked. Having reached a critical mass, it might also now be time for a little bit of passata!

Stay tuned… and keep an eye out for #tomatoeswitheverything

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